Survivors of Child Trafficking unveiled 60 Feet long Street Art, meant to honour journey of their lives at captivating Street Art Exhibition

The outer wall of BR Ambedkar Memorial located next to Le Meridian Hotel in New Delhi, turned into a canvas to display one-of-a-kind Street Art exhibition centered on a very grim issue of child trafficking. The occasion dominated paintings based on panorama emanating from those avenues of our society which are considered bleak and dismal and where thousands of children trapped in the sex work industry are suffering in silence. The event was meant to draw attention to the apathy which these children are subjected to, after they are dragged into sex slavery.

Picture 1
Yogesh Saini, founder, delhi street art converts wall into canvas to raise voice against sex trafficking

Apart from the keen visitors and the art enthusiasts, the occasion also witnessed keen participation from the survivors of child trafficking who unveiled 60 feet long street art to honour the journey of their lives. The thought provoking Street Art Exhibition received notable applauses and appreciation from the audience as it successfully highlighted a very pertinent issue of child trafficking that has plagued the Indian society at large.

It is estimated that 40% of India’s children are susceptible to threats like being homeless, trafficking, drug abuse, forced labour, and crime. As per data recorded by the Government of India, a large number of cases were registered under crimes against children during the last couple of years. However, despite the government’s continued endeavours, the absence of a structured mechanism to link the efforts of various stakeholders and lack of convergence between ministries at the Central and State level, tends to impede enforcement against sex trafficking of children.

The thought provoking Street Art Exhibition meant to draw attention of the community and the government on the issue of children trapped in the sex-work industry, was unveiled jointly by Delhi Street Art (an initiative to promote public art of young artists) and Jan Sahas Foundation.

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