Ramagya Group launches Ramagya Theatre Lab to open new opportunities for theatre artists

Breaking new ground in the world of theatre, Ramagya Group has launched Ramagya Theatre Lab with the aim to open new professional possibilities for theatre aspirants across India. With a vision to support artists and channelise their creative energies, Ramagya Theatre Lab engages audience through intimate theatre and platform performances. 

Championed by Ramagya Group, the Ramagya Theatre Lab is designed, and developed by Mr Gyanendra Singh – one of the most eminent theatre practitioners in India today. Mr Gyanendra Singh, who is popularly known as Anshu is renowned for his unique approach towards acting. Some of his eminent works have received critical acclaim in Mr Uday Prakash’s “Tiricch” that is one of his magnum opus production that echoes eminence and creativity. Among his other memorable performances are Rag Darbari, Bade Bhai Sahab, Ramsajeevan ki prem Katha, Waiting for Godot, Andher Nagari, Dusara Adhyay and many more. As a polyglot, he has staged performances in English, Hindi, Marathi as well as in Sanskrit, and has won numerous awards, accolades, and media mentions throughout his outstanding theatrical career.

Announcing the launch of the Ramagya Theatre Lab, Mr. Utkarsh Gupta, Managing Director, Ramagya Group said, “The idea of the Ramagya Theatre Lab is to provide an uplifting recreational ground to theatre enthusiasts, literature aficionados, and everyone looking for the holistic development of self by experiencing the wholesomeness of performing arts. It is indeed a perfect amalgamation of engagement, entertainment and education. ”  

“The Ramagya Theatre Lab is conceptualised to create a vibe of freedom and sense of discovering oneself. The sole purpose of the Ramagya Theatre Lab as it sounds, is to experiment with performing arts and literature in a space that allows the individuals to embrace their spirits without inhibitions,” added Mr Gyanendra Singh.

The Ramagya Theatre lab is open for anyone who wishes to learn, unlearn research, comprehend, enjoy, and appreciate diverse aspects of theatre life and walk into the realm of acting. Recently, Shri Devendra Raj Ankur, former Director of National School of Drama (NSD), has also joined the advisory board of the Ramagya Theatre Lab. At the virtually organised launch of the Ramagya Theatre lab, Mr Gyanendra Singh and Shri Devendra Raj Ankur, gave some healthy insights on how the theatre industry has also been affected in the pandemic, especially during the lockdown period. The event also witnessed a series of discussions on ‘Transformation of Theatre from Stagecraft to Virtual Reality’ and how to use the current period as an advantage. Shri Devendra Raj Ankur suggested all the artists to sit tight and read as much as they can by downloading stories like Natyashastra and Stanislavsky from the internet and submerge themselves in their characters. 

The Ramagya Theatre lab also has a digital wing called ‘Ramagya Digital’ where various artists from diversified backgrounds can be offered a digital platform to showcase their talents. Various groups can come together and read their lines and practice online on Ramagya Digital platform. Ramagya Theatre Lab is an endeavour to enable and encourage the community of art lovers and practitioners towards nurturing creativity and honing their craft. The lab has been meticulously synthesized by top experts to develop an area that has an aura, which naturally squeezes the creative nectar out of the soul of an artist. The vision is to be the dream-adda of every theatre enthusiast with intimate theatre space, rehearsal room, screening room, craft lab, library, and pantry.

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