Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar launches book ‘Hasthyayurveda’

Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, Chairman and Managing Trustee,
Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur released the book titled
‘Hasthyayurveda’ composed by Palkapya Muni transcripted from Sanskrit to Hindi
language by Dr. (Smt.) Madhubala Jain, the profound scholar and Sanskrit Panditya
from Udaipur.

Ayurveda is not only the oldest medical system of the world adopted in Indian society
since centuries, but it is also the science of life. Rishis and Sages have always made
the living welfare work ‘karma’ as a duty towards mankind ‘dharma’ and presented it to
the society. The sages invented the science and knowledge keeping in mind the
interests of environment, vegetation and the entire world with not just limiting to Human
life. In order to eradicate incurable diseases from their roots, Animal Ayurveda texts
were also produced in the same way as Human-Ayurveda. These included
Gavayurveda by Sahadeva, Ashwayurveda by Shalihotra, Hasthyayurveda and Gaja
Shastra composed by Palkapya Muni, a contemporary of King Dasharatha in Tretayuga.

Both of these books of Palkapya Muni are the oldest texts in Hasti-Vigyaan.
Hasthyayurveda is written in both prose and verse form. This entire book is written in a
style of conversation. This book describes the detailed guidelines of the origin of
elephants, the disorders caused in them, causes of disorders, symptoms of disorders,
nature of disease, method of treatment, process of making medicines, age of elephants,
medicine uses based on nature and climate etc. Hasthyayurveda is the physiology of
elephants. There are a total of four sections in this entire book, out of which describes a
total of 160 chapters and 315 diseases occurring in the body of elephants in about 12
thousand verses (Shlokas).

Maharaj Sahib Shri Bagh Singh Ji Karjali organised writing of this manuscript of
Palkapya Rishi titled ‘Hasthyayurveda’ in the Vikram Samwat 1811 (1754 CE). This
book is published by Maharana Mewar Historical Publications Trust, The City Palace,
Udaipur. The Line sketch pictures related to medical and examination of elephants are
also shown in this book.

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