APL Apollo’s H-section oval advances road safety and fencing solutions

APL Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo), one of the leading branded structural steel tubes manufacturers, brings in aesthetically advanced and highly durable H-section Oval for road safety and fencing. The most revolutionised product is launched with a futuristic vision of bringing in strong yet elegant solutions to make roads more safer and enhance the exterior landscapes.

APL Apollo H-section oval comes in size of 100x30mm to endure severe conditions with its high-strength and thickness of 1.4mm to 2.00mm. The company has endeavoured to reduce the impact on environment by bringing in these eco-friendly product which is easily recyclable. An additional element of these being termite-free makes it heart of fencing solutions.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo shares, “Road safety has always been an issue of concern for Government of India with the growth in numbers of road accidents and injuries. Apollo H-section oval are specially designed to address both, the safety and design elements which simultaneously provides cost-reduction in the project as these can be recycled and re-used mitigating the impact on environment. As an organisation, our focus has always been to bring-in the most advanced and research-led products for engineers and architects to help them ace the art of construction.”

Apollo H-section Ovalarestrategically designed in oval shape as this increases the reflection as well as visibility on turns which makes it crucial for dangerous curves, tunnels, bridges and parking lots to avoid accidents. In addition, the usage can be easily extended to parking lots to enhance the landscaping with reflective lights, outside malls with signage boards and in modern architectural buildings for fencing solutions. 

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