Nikhil Singhal: It Takes A Long Journey To Build A Reputation And Few Steps To Ruin It!

Helmed by Nikhil Singhal, Vigor Media Worldwide, the best PR agency of India, has altered PR campaigns of all our clients to help them navigate through this pandemic.

A man of exemplary vision and enterprise, Mr Nikhil Singhal, Managing Director, Vigor Media Worldwide, shares that PR needs to be shifted from mere media-relation model to reputation-management model which is comparatively more strategic, broader and long-term approach but a crux of various constructive metrics.

It is imperative to understand that Public Relations may not reflect a quick impact on the brand, products or business but it certainly keep adding the very important factor i.e. credibility. With every step taken forward, PR professionals strive to secure earned media (be it traditional or modern) which in itself is a filtration exercise to take your brand to validators who provide an authentic, third-party perspective for prospective stakeholders.

In current times, when world is grappling with the life-threatening disease, businesses are tempted to reduce on marketing budget to preserve cash flow. But in my view, its time not to panic but to act strategically and consider, what we know as “exposure effect”. Keeping a brand in front of consumers could help improve the perception of a brand even if they’re not buying right now.

A slight change in the content approach is the need of the hour wherein we need to focus on what are customers want to read or listen and not what brands want to tell them. This reassures the old customers that their favourite brand is still standing with them in this tough time and establishes an image for the new customers who relate credibility with emotional quotient. Even if it takes a slight toll on the finances, it will certainly payback with a strong brand reputation in the market and customers will relate more personally with the brand, ultimately resulting in a growth trajectory of a brand which is a sole goal of every marketing campaign.

Nikhil further shares that, “It is time to give back to the society and invest in your customers. A well-laid marketing campaign and plans might have to be pushed back but a little time should be taken out to utilise those budget in giving back to the society and reach out to the customers with more sensitive messages which are honest, transparent and human; most essential reach out to them with support instead leaving them alone or neglected in this tough time.”

We, at Vigor Media Worldwide, also have altered PR campaigns of all our clients in consultation with them; to help them navigate through this pandemic without compromising on their reputation in the market. It’s essential for all of us to be compassionate towards people, and we as consultants, understand that we have to respond to the world as it is, as it changes — not the world we wish it was, or the world it used to be and that’s what we call our EXPERTISE which makes us different.

Under the stewardship of Nikhil Singhal, Vigor Media Worldwide, the best PR agency of India with its offices located in India, London and Singapore, has now chartered global destinations through its collaboration with Singapore-based strategy management and corporate advisory firm MP Morgan Capital. Vigor Media Worldwide has set up its offices in Dubai and UK to spread its international operations by actively associating with global brands. After achieving a distinction of being a global public relations and image management firm, it further aims to achieve Rs 500 million revenue combined with rapid expansion across different verticals, market predominance and client acquisition through strategic partnerships and aggressive business development.

Founded in 2010, the organization is a result of Nikhil’s inborn leadership capabilities and effective interpersonal skills combined with his passion for media and advertising verticals. Today, Nikhil’s brainchild has gained cross-sectoral expertise spanning the domains of Real Estate, Education, Lifestyle, FMCG, Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Security, Consulting and a host of other segments. The company’s client portfolio includes prominent brands in the industry and with its collaboration with the global major MP Morgan Capital, Vigor Media Worldwide has established itself as a top public relations firm. Nikhil has gathered extensive experience ranging from public relations, media management, to image enhancement of top line brands and multinational corporates. Leading from the front, he has established Vigor Media Worldwide, the top PR agency of India, as a benchmark in the industry and for his excellent efforts in his domain he has been acknowledged on various platforms over the years.

Nikhil believes that it is important for brands to build relationships and engage with customers, fully understand their needs, problems, and desires, so as to convey a message which they remember for long. He is equally adept at handling various media platforms including print, electronic and digital domains. He has helped reposition brands to gain a competitive advantage. Man of impeccable credentials, Nikhil has already won many accolades and among them the most recent one is winning the prestigious Mannat Impact Award for outstanding performance and extraordinary service and dedication to his profession. He has also won International Indian Business Award for excellence in entrepreneurship, just to name a few.

Headquartered in Delhi-NCR, Vigor Media Worldwide started expanding its wings in the year 2016 with the launch of branch offices in Mumbai and roping in associates in more than 20 states. The company also enjoys a strong presence across borders and actively works with brands operating out of Dubai and UK.

Under Nikhil’s astute leadership, the best PR agency of India, Vigor Media Worldwide, apart from gaining extensive exposure in public relations, media campaign and image management, has built another property called Business Barons of India. Created and owned by Vigor Media Worldwide in association with Times Group Books, Business Barons of India puts together great leaders on one platform for readers to know about their journey marked by remarkable decisions and incredible achievements. This coffee table book is Nikhil’s own style of creating a space to rightfully highlight the distinguished faces that are helping the country march forward on the path of continuous growth.

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