Ramagya Group launches Ramagya Theatre Lab to open new opportunities for theatre artists

Breaking new ground in the world of theatre, Ramagya Group has launched Ramagya Theatre Lab with the aim to open new professional possibilities for theatre aspirants across India. With a vision to support artists and channelise their creative energies, Ramagya Theatre Lab engages audience through intimate theatre and platform performances. 

Championed by Ramagya Group, the Ramagya Theatre Lab is designed, and developed by Mr Gyanendra Singh – one of the most eminent theatre practitioners in India today. Mr Gyanendra Singh, who is popularly known as Anshu is renowned for his unique approach towards acting. Some of his eminent works have received critical acclaim in Mr Uday Prakash’s “Tiricch” that is one of his magnum opus production that echoes eminence and creativity. Among his other memorable performances are Rag Darbari, Bade Bhai Sahab, Ramsajeevan ki prem Katha, Waiting for Godot, Andher Nagari, Dusara Adhyay and many more. As a polyglot, he has staged performances in English, Hindi, Marathi as well as in Sanskrit, and has won numerous awards, accolades, and media mentions throughout his outstanding theatrical career.

Announcing the launch of the Ramagya Theatre Lab, Mr. Utkarsh Gupta, Managing Director, Ramagya Group said, “The idea of the Ramagya Theatre Lab is to provide an uplifting recreational ground to theatre enthusiasts, literature aficionados, and everyone looking for the holistic development of self by experiencing the wholesomeness of performing arts. It is indeed a perfect amalgamation of engagement, entertainment and education. ”  

“The Ramagya Theatre Lab is conceptualised to create a vibe of freedom and sense of discovering oneself. The sole purpose of the Ramagya Theatre Lab as it sounds, is to experiment with performing arts and literature in a space that allows the individuals to embrace their spirits without inhibitions,” added Mr Gyanendra Singh.

The Ramagya Theatre lab is open for anyone who wishes to learn, unlearn research, comprehend, enjoy, and appreciate diverse aspects of theatre life and walk into the realm of acting. Recently, Shri Devendra Raj Ankur, former Director of National School of Drama (NSD), has also joined the advisory board of the Ramagya Theatre Lab. At the virtually organised launch of the Ramagya Theatre lab, Mr Gyanendra Singh and Shri Devendra Raj Ankur, gave some healthy insights on how the theatre industry has also been affected in the pandemic, especially during the lockdown period. The event also witnessed a series of discussions on ‘Transformation of Theatre from Stagecraft to Virtual Reality’ and how to use the current period as an advantage. Shri Devendra Raj Ankur suggested all the artists to sit tight and read as much as they can by downloading stories like Natyashastra and Stanislavsky from the internet and submerge themselves in their characters. 

The Ramagya Theatre lab also has a digital wing called ‘Ramagya Digital’ where various artists from diversified backgrounds can be offered a digital platform to showcase their talents. Various groups can come together and read their lines and practice online on Ramagya Digital platform. Ramagya Theatre Lab is an endeavour to enable and encourage the community of art lovers and practitioners towards nurturing creativity and honing their craft. The lab has been meticulously synthesized by top experts to develop an area that has an aura, which naturally squeezes the creative nectar out of the soul of an artist. The vision is to be the dream-adda of every theatre enthusiast with intimate theatre space, rehearsal room, screening room, craft lab, library, and pantry.

Krishna Bhati: Face of Indian education recognised at UK House of Commons

Krishna Bhati, an avid educationist,   honoured at 3rd Global League Institute Certification at the House of Commons, United Kingdom for her exemplary contribution in the field of education. The distinguished forum was presided over by Baroness Sandip Verma, chair of UN Women National Committee United Kingdom, member of the European Union Committee.

Mrs Krishna Bhati, Principal, Jaipuria Vidyalaya

While addressing the forum, Mrs Krishna Bhati, Principal, then heading Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya said, “Education must be holistic by integrating head, heart and hands as these youngsters will foster a humane society. Our children have picked up various art forms and we showcase the creativity of our children through exhibition, whether it’s blue pottery, textile designing, wood-work, sculpture-making and many such art forms”

Based in Jaipur City, a place of heritage, she conceptualized a framework called “five ‘E’s in Pre-vocational SUPW ( Socially Useful Productive Work ) classes”. As she explained, “We start with the first ‘E’ where we get the children to explore through orientation, whatever possible vocation, whatever possible craft they can relate to, and once we get them to explore various crafts we get them to exchange ideas and that gives us the second ‘E’. The third ‘ E’ is for exposure to work under tutelage of various artisans where children learn how the artisans earn. Then comes the fourth ‘E’ where students pick up skills hands- on from the artisans & their work which becomes Experiential Learning. Finally, the fifth ‘E’ brings them to the point of Exhibition of their handiwork culminating into Heritage Education on the Ramp.”

She propagates heritage art as an essential component of Skilling India through vocational education in schools. Her expertise lies in integrating various art forms into mainstream school education.

Krishna Bhati has been recognized as an educationist par excellence through numerous awards and accolades. She was bestowed with the prestigious “Rajasthan Gaurav Award” for demonstrating excellence in school leadership in 2016 and felicitated by H.H. Rajmata Padmani Devi of Jaipur. The school under her headship was ranked “No. 1 in Leadership” in the country in 2015 by Education World Magazine. She has worked in the leading schools of the country demonstrating her ability to achieve student learning outcomes, accelerate institutional growth and pioneer innovations in teaching-learning processes. She is passionate about making education child-centric, highly inclusive and value driven.

Ramagya Foundation pledges to not leave anyone hungry during COVID-19

In one of the biggest relief operations amid COVID- 19 lockdown, Ramagya Foundation has dedicated itself to feeding more than 10 lakh poor and homeless people in Noida. Ramagya Foundation has already distributed food packets among 2 lakh people in the last more than two months of the continuing lockdown.

Ramagya Foundation initially started this initiative along the construction sites in sector 77-78 and later extended it to other nearby localities.  Along with the food packets, the volunteers of Ramagya Foundation are also distributing masks, sanitizers and soaps among the daily wagers, labourers and other needy people, besides running a campaign to educate them about adopting the necessary hygiene habits to stop the spread of infection. Ramagya Foundation has also launched a donation web portal: https://ramagyafoundation.org/covid19/ through which anyone can contribute one’s bit to support this noble initiative.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group said, “The prolonged lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the lives of millions of people in disarray. As a responsible organisation, we aim to ensure that no person should sleep with an empty stomach at this unprecedented time. We look forward to serving food to more than 10 lakh people in the entire period of the lockdown, and this is just a small step in our efforts towards bringing smile on the faces of these helpless people.”

Recently, Ramagya Foundation, under the aegis of “Purusharth Charitable Society”, had launched an inspiring CSR initiative ‘Happy Fridge’ aimed at providing sumptuous food to homeless and needy people. In the progressive path of society development Ramagya Foundation is contributing through several attractive programs,  including  UMEED,  UNNATI,  SANGANAK,  ARADHYA,  URJA  and PANKH focusing on four  core  areas  including  Education,  Skilling,  Physical  and  Mental Health of underprivileged children. 

Giving back to the society is the primary motive of Ramagya Foundation which aims to contribute towards creating educated and developed society by unleashing talent and sculpting each individual soul by imparting values. More than 1,05,000 lives have been impacted through these programs. Ramagya Foundation also runs another most commendable initiative called  ‘NISHABD’  that seeks to sensitize the society towards dogs and  provide  loving,  caring  and  responsible shelter for them. NISHABD has been instrumental in the rescue and rehabilitation of the street dogs that have been starved to emaciation, beaten, confined   in their own waste, shot, or struck by cars.

Ramagya Foundation launches innovative CSR initiatives ‘Donation Locker’ and ‘Happy Fridge’

Continuing with its ceaseless commitment of giving back, Ramagya Foundation has launched inspiring new CSR initiatives ‘Donation Locker’ and ‘Happy Fridge’. Worthy of praise and imitation both these initiatives have been gaining momentum over the past few weeks with winters just around the corner. Under the aegis of “Purusharth Charitable Society,” Ramagya Foundation has launched these initiatives to help the poor, needy and homeless people braving the chill of the night. Ramagya Foundation has also launched a new web portal https://ramagyafoundation.org/donation/ through which anyone can contribute one’s bit to these philanthropic moves.


Ramagya Foundation has initiated ‘Donation locker’ to promote the habit of giving some necessities to the ones in need. Ramagya’s Donation Locker has been installed at various locations in NCR where Books, Clothes, Footwear,  Toys or any other wishful items can be donated with assurance that the collected proffers will be used judiciously.

‘Happy Fridge’ is another unique CSR campaign by Ramagya Foundation which highlights the most relevant message, “A nation could eat off the food we waste.” Launched in association with  Feeding  India,  Happy  Fridge campaign by  Ramagya  Foundation calls for donating the excess food items in ‘Happy Fridge located at three different locations in Noida. The collected food is being alternatively offered to the needy and helpless.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group said, Ramagya Foundation has launched both these campaigns to help the homeless people and moving labourers who remain in dire need of food, clothing and other necessary items even to sustain their lives.  While Donation Locker is aimed at providing them with the much-needed care and support through clothes and other necessary items, Happy Fridge is aimed at offering them sumptuous food with dignity. We aim to bring this initiative at PAN India so that neither any human sleeps empty stomach nor any food is wasted

In the progressive path of society development, Ramagya Foundation is contributing through several attractive programs,  including  UMEED,  UNNATI,  SANGANAK,  ARADHYA,  URJA  and PANKH focusing on four core areas including  Education,  Skilling,  Physical and  Mental Health of underprivileged children. Giving back to the society is the primary motive of Ramagya Foundation which aims to contribute towards creating educated and developed society by unleashing talent and sculpting each individual soul by imparting values. More than 1,05,000 lives have been impacted by these programs.

The way forward to a stellar career

Luxury is synonymous with exclusivity and premium quality. This is the reason why customers have very different expectations when it comes to an excellent shopping experience. With retail being the primary avenue for luxury purchases, luxury brands spend an obscene amount of time and money in creating the perfect retail stores. Moreover, vast amount is spent on training the industry professionals to ensure they are able to provide customers with a top-notch experience at the stores. 

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-10 at 4.16.37 PM
Mr. Abhay Gupta, Founder-CEO, Luxury Connect Business School

Consequently, the Industry desperately needs trained professionals who are well spoken, have a good understanding of the luxury industry and specialise in selling or marketing a product that comes with a hefty price tag. In-store customer interaction needs to be personalised with a unique approach. Customers expect the industry professionals to not only be good in customer service but also be exemplary product experts who have intricate product knowledge. Be it a luxury car or a watch brand, a fashion brand or even an accessories brand, knowing the product well, appreciation of the craftsmanship that goes in making the product and why it commands a hefty price tag are all part of the job that need to be executed well. 

According to a recent national skills development corporation report, by 2022 the Luxury industry in India will require close to 5.6 million skilled personnel. Clearly, there is a demand for industry professionals. However, there is a lack in the supply of such trained professionals which is being perceived as a major hindrance to the growth of the industry.

The huge demand for trained professionals means a variety of job opportunities across the industry which are generally high paying simply because of the skill-sets required for the job. Already the luxury industry has thrown open a huge window of opportunity for the trained professionals. Over and above the salaries, luxury professionals get lucrative incentives based on the number of products sold by them. Since most products are easily worth lakhs of rupees, luxury professionals usually take home a high salary. They get opportunity to work as a luxury brand manager, a luxury goods product manager or other such awesome career-defining roles, based on your experience, skills, education and knowledge. Last but not least, working with the most premium brands in the world in itself is a matter of great pride, access to which is only available to a very select few.  Additionally, there are various other lucrative benefits of working in the industry.

However, working in the luxury industry is just one step away. In India, there are some business schools, like Luxury Connect Business School (LCBS), SP Jain & Pearl Academy which provide Luxury Management courses as of date.

(The author of this article is Mr. Abhay Gupta, Founder-CEO, Luxury Connect Business School )


Luxury Connect Business School is the First and only Luxury B-school which provides practical & valuable knowledge as part of postgraduate studies available to graduates across India. With content developed by industry experts and delivered by faculty members who are also award-winning luxury industry professionals, Luxury Connect Business School focuses on imparting knowledge beyond the structure of the classroom blended with personalized mentoring and what makes it truly unique is its industry connect. With its strong affiliations in the luxury industry, Luxury Connect Business School offers students opportunities to interact with industry brand leaders & professionals in an informal manner. Students get to meet, discuss, exchange notes, share ideas and learn from the real-time experience of these senior stalwarts.

Assocham honours Sanfort Schools with the Best Preschool Award

In recognition of their exceptional contribution in providing an enriching learning experience to the early learners in their first step towards education, “SANFORT- The U.K. Concept Preschool Chain”, has won the most prestigious ‘Best Preschool Chain 2018 Award’ from ASSOCHAM at a glitzy Education Excellence Awards.

The esteemed award was bestowed upon Sanfort Schools by the honourable Governor of West Bengal, Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi amid the presence of a galaxy of celebrities from various fields.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-11 at 10.59.57 PM

On winning the award for helping the tiny tots into evolving as capable and responsible citizens, Mr. S.K. Rathor, Chairman & Managing Director Sanfort Group of Schools said, “This award is an apt recognition of our vision to nurture today’s little learners into tomorrow’s responsible and compassionate global citizens. Sanfort creates a tranquil, curious and challenging environment that foster’s the social, physical, emotional and cognitive development of the child.”

Ramagya School Noida hosts Mega Conference on CSR Sustainability and its impact upon Education and Sports

A galaxy of thought leaders, policy makers, luminaries, stalwarts and leading lights of education and sports sector converged on a common platform at Ramagya School Noida in a Conference On CSR Sustainability and its impact upon Education and Sports. Organized by Ramagya Foundation, the grand conference kick-started by lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guests Mr. B.P. Mathur, Chief Justice Allahabad High Court, Mr. Jitender Mani, DCP, Delhi Police, in the auspicious presence of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group, Mrs. Rajni Gupta, Director, Ramagya Group, Ms. Ruchika Gupta, Founder, Nishabd, Mr. Utkarsh Gupta, MD, Ramagya Group, Ms. Aparna Magee, Principal of Ramagya School,  and various other notable dignitaries.

The conference brought together NGOs, Corporate, Government Policy makers and Researchers who discussed a broad array of topics related to Corporate Social Responsibility and its benefits to the society as well as the bigger picture related to CSR and its contribution in education and sports. The event also focused on helping the companies and educational institutes understand the gaps in the education sector that could be addressed through CSR initiatives.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group said, “Through this initiative Ramagya Foundation aims to bring together voices from all the stakeholders working on addressing social issues related to education. We strongly believe that it’s the core corporate responsibility of every organization to contribute to the community and society at large.”  

The thought provoking event which evoked keen response and participation from the audience too, witnessed panel sessions on a wide range of topics including CSR in education and practical wisdom; CSR and Educational innovation and impact upon employability; CSR and new sustainable business model and creative initiatives; CSR and sports, among others.

Mrs. Tripti Khanna, GM- CSR and Skill Development, Ramagya Foundation delivered the welcome and keynote address at the event. Guest of Honor, Dr. Pooja Sakera also addressed the conference. Mr. N.P. Singh, President, Federation of Noida Residents Welfare association (FONRWA), Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy B, Vice President, Extramarks Education Foundation, Ms. Sonali Sharma, Director-Communications, Helpage India, Mr. Urvashi Goyal, Founder, World Youth Council, Mr. Abhishek Sharma, CEO, Fortuno Saathi Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Ashok Srivastava, Founder, Navaratan Foundation and Mrs. Ranjana Bhargava, Entrepreneure were among the expert panelists who shared their vision and viewpoints in this conference. Besides the plenary sessions, the conference also featured presentation of various research and findings in the areas of CSR and sustainability.