Nicholas Healthcare Announces to Augment Supply of Critical Care Medicines Amid Surge in COVID-19 Cases

Nicholas Healthcare Limited, a pioneer of the global healthcare ecosystem, announces to have augmented its supply of critical care medicines, medical consumables, and lifesaving medical equipment/devices like Medical Oxygen Concentrator amid an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 case in the country when HCPs are continuously grappling with the shortage of these essential medical essentials to provide timely treatment to patients.

The company is already supplying more than 5 million pre-filled syringes and prepares to deliver additional 5 million syringes for filling most critical medicine such as Enoxaparin injection which is used as blood thinner to prevent blood clots. Nicholas has also ramped up its supply chain to dispense the increased quantity of many other critical medicines such as Methyl Prednisolone inj, Heparin inj, Meropenem inj, Favipiravir tabs, & other immunity boosters etc.

Amid the acute shortage of medical oxygen for critical treatment of COVID patients, Nicholas has been proactive in timely delivery of more than 2500 oxygen concentrators to various hospitals. The company is now prepared to deliver additional 5000 oxygen concentrators in next 2/3 weeks. Moreover, approx. 4.80 lakhs boxes of global quality surgical and non-surgical gloves are also supplied in this pandemic.

Commenting on the need of increased supply of these medical consumables and drugs, Mr. Kapil Jain, Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Healthcare shared, “Being a part of global healthcare ecosystem, we understand our responsibility of development, manufacturing, and delivery of prescription drugs to ensure that we deliver on our commitment of healthier India. In this pandemic, it is important for us to quickly bridge the gap in demand and supply of crucial medicines, equipments etc. help HCPs to save lives. Making healthcare accessible to all has always been our priority and with wide distribution network across India.”

Nicholas Healthcare is present in more than 150 cities covering 5000+ medical institutions. This coverage will be tripled in next one year. 

APL Apollo’s H-section oval advances road safety and fencing solutions

APL Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo), one of the leading branded structural steel tubes manufacturers, brings in aesthetically advanced and highly durable H-section Oval for road safety and fencing. The most revolutionised product is launched with a futuristic vision of bringing in strong yet elegant solutions to make roads more safer and enhance the exterior landscapes.

APL Apollo H-section oval comes in size of 100x30mm to endure severe conditions with its high-strength and thickness of 1.4mm to 2.00mm. The company has endeavoured to reduce the impact on environment by bringing in these eco-friendly product which is easily recyclable. An additional element of these being termite-free makes it heart of fencing solutions.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo shares, “Road safety has always been an issue of concern for Government of India with the growth in numbers of road accidents and injuries. Apollo H-section oval are specially designed to address both, the safety and design elements which simultaneously provides cost-reduction in the project as these can be recycled and re-used mitigating the impact on environment. As an organisation, our focus has always been to bring-in the most advanced and research-led products for engineers and architects to help them ace the art of construction.”

Apollo H-section Ovalarestrategically designed in oval shape as this increases the reflection as well as visibility on turns which makes it crucial for dangerous curves, tunnels, bridges and parking lots to avoid accidents. In addition, the usage can be easily extended to parking lots to enhance the landscaping with reflective lights, outside malls with signage boards and in modern architectural buildings for fencing solutions. 

Nikhil Singhal: It Takes A Long Journey To Build A Reputation And Few Steps To Ruin It!

Helmed by Nikhil Singhal, Vigor Media Worldwide, the best PR agency of India, has altered PR campaigns of all our clients to help them navigate through this pandemic.

A man of exemplary vision and enterprise, Mr Nikhil Singhal, Managing Director, Vigor Media Worldwide, shares that PR needs to be shifted from mere media-relation model to reputation-management model which is comparatively more strategic, broader and long-term approach but a crux of various constructive metrics.

It is imperative to understand that Public Relations may not reflect a quick impact on the brand, products or business but it certainly keep adding the very important factor i.e. credibility. With every step taken forward, PR professionals strive to secure earned media (be it traditional or modern) which in itself is a filtration exercise to take your brand to validators who provide an authentic, third-party perspective for prospective stakeholders.

In current times, when world is grappling with the life-threatening disease, businesses are tempted to reduce on marketing budget to preserve cash flow. But in my view, its time not to panic but to act strategically and consider, what we know as “exposure effect”. Keeping a brand in front of consumers could help improve the perception of a brand even if they’re not buying right now.

A slight change in the content approach is the need of the hour wherein we need to focus on what are customers want to read or listen and not what brands want to tell them. This reassures the old customers that their favourite brand is still standing with them in this tough time and establishes an image for the new customers who relate credibility with emotional quotient. Even if it takes a slight toll on the finances, it will certainly payback with a strong brand reputation in the market and customers will relate more personally with the brand, ultimately resulting in a growth trajectory of a brand which is a sole goal of every marketing campaign.

Nikhil further shares that, “It is time to give back to the society and invest in your customers. A well-laid marketing campaign and plans might have to be pushed back but a little time should be taken out to utilise those budget in giving back to the society and reach out to the customers with more sensitive messages which are honest, transparent and human; most essential reach out to them with support instead leaving them alone or neglected in this tough time.”

We, at Vigor Media Worldwide, also have altered PR campaigns of all our clients in consultation with them; to help them navigate through this pandemic without compromising on their reputation in the market. It’s essential for all of us to be compassionate towards people, and we as consultants, understand that we have to respond to the world as it is, as it changes — not the world we wish it was, or the world it used to be and that’s what we call our EXPERTISE which makes us different.

Under the stewardship of Nikhil Singhal, Vigor Media Worldwide, the best PR agency of India with its offices located in India, London and Singapore, has now chartered global destinations through its collaboration with Singapore-based strategy management and corporate advisory firm MP Morgan Capital. Vigor Media Worldwide has set up its offices in Dubai and UK to spread its international operations by actively associating with global brands. After achieving a distinction of being a global public relations and image management firm, it further aims to achieve Rs 500 million revenue combined with rapid expansion across different verticals, market predominance and client acquisition through strategic partnerships and aggressive business development.

Founded in 2010, the organization is a result of Nikhil’s inborn leadership capabilities and effective interpersonal skills combined with his passion for media and advertising verticals. Today, Nikhil’s brainchild has gained cross-sectoral expertise spanning the domains of Real Estate, Education, Lifestyle, FMCG, Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Security, Consulting and a host of other segments. The company’s client portfolio includes prominent brands in the industry and with its collaboration with the global major MP Morgan Capital, Vigor Media Worldwide has established itself as a top public relations firm. Nikhil has gathered extensive experience ranging from public relations, media management, to image enhancement of top line brands and multinational corporates. Leading from the front, he has established Vigor Media Worldwide, the top PR agency of India, as a benchmark in the industry and for his excellent efforts in his domain he has been acknowledged on various platforms over the years.

Nikhil believes that it is important for brands to build relationships and engage with customers, fully understand their needs, problems, and desires, so as to convey a message which they remember for long. He is equally adept at handling various media platforms including print, electronic and digital domains. He has helped reposition brands to gain a competitive advantage. Man of impeccable credentials, Nikhil has already won many accolades and among them the most recent one is winning the prestigious Mannat Impact Award for outstanding performance and extraordinary service and dedication to his profession. He has also won International Indian Business Award for excellence in entrepreneurship, just to name a few.

Headquartered in Delhi-NCR, Vigor Media Worldwide started expanding its wings in the year 2016 with the launch of branch offices in Mumbai and roping in associates in more than 20 states. The company also enjoys a strong presence across borders and actively works with brands operating out of Dubai and UK.

Under Nikhil’s astute leadership, the best PR agency of India, Vigor Media Worldwide, apart from gaining extensive exposure in public relations, media campaign and image management, has built another property called Business Barons of India. Created and owned by Vigor Media Worldwide in association with Times Group Books, Business Barons of India puts together great leaders on one platform for readers to know about their journey marked by remarkable decisions and incredible achievements. This coffee table book is Nikhil’s own style of creating a space to rightfully highlight the distinguished faces that are helping the country march forward on the path of continuous growth.

Vigor Media Worldwide India bags PR mandate for multinational brand Formica

Vigor Media Worldwide has bagged the PR mandate of India subsidiary of  Formica Group, a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers across the globe. The contract comes as another acknowledgement of Vigor Media Worldwide’s exceptional expertise in PR and communication. The role of Vigor Media Worldwide will be to build a strategic communication framework for Formica India and strengthen its unrivalled leadership positioning in the industry.

Vigor Media Worldwide won the prestigious account after an aggressive multi-agency pitch followed by a competitive bidding process. The mandate for Formica India will be handled by the Delhi-NCR office of Vigor Media Worldwide with the support from its proficient and dedicated team along with its dexterous national and global associates for greater visibility and strong positioning of brand Formica  among targeted segments.

Mr Ajay Khurana, Managing Director, Formica India  said, “Delivering constant innovations to meet new challenges, we have been setting and surpassing benchmarks for quality laminates worldwide and have charted a strategic plan for deeper and wider penetration across India. As part of Broadview’s family of businesses in the field of material technology Formica Group has joined Arpa Industriale S.p.A., Trespa International B.V. and Westag & Getalit AG. We are very bullish about our business expansion and growth in the country, and to assist us in achieving our goals and objectives we are happy to welcome on board Vigor Media Worldwide, which possesses all the required zeal and enthusiasm to help us establish a focused communication approach with all of our stakeholders.”

Commenting on winning the PR mandate of Formica India, Mr Nilanjan Chakrobarty, CEO, Vigor Media Worldwide said, “We are happy to be picked as image consultant for Formica India after their well-thought out critical assessment of our experience, proficiency and competence in this exclusive domain and we remain committed to help them achieve new milestones in their journey of business excellence. We stand committed to our virtues of transparency, proactive and result-oriented approach to deliver their key expectations of business growth. ”

Formica Group is a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers worldwide. As the world’s largest manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL), the company’s international network of design, manufacturing, distribution and sales operations maintains the recognition of Formica® as a global brand. With sustainability a concern for the global community, Formica Group makes it a priority to offer architects, designers and consumers a full range of environment- friendly surfacing products. Formica Group continually strives to create innovative products that promote a healthier environment.

Vigor Media Worldwide has cross-sectoral expertise spanning across Real Estate, Education, Lifestyle, FMCG, Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Security, Consulting and a host of other sectors of the economy. Its client portfolio includes top-of-the-line brands in the industry with recurring association across years.

The City palace, Udaipur celebrates 538th birth anniversary of Maharana Sangram Singh

Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, The City palace, Udaipur celebrated 538th birth anniversary of Maharana Sangram Singh I on May 04, 2021. Born on Vaishak Krishna Navmi Vikram Samvat 1539, Maharana Sangram Singh was the 50th custodian of House of Mewar.  

Maharana Sangram Singh I, one of the most iconic Maharanas of Mewar, is known as Rana Sanga in folklore and history books. His very name ‘Sangram’ means battle or struggles in Hindi; ‘Singh’ means the lion. Maharana Sangram Singh, in more ways than one, was truly a ‘Lion of Battles’ or ‘the Lion of the Battlefield’.

Early Years of Struggle and Conflict

Born on 12th April 1482, Kunwar Sangram Singh was one among the 13 sons of Maharana Raimal and Rani Ratan Kanwar, daughter of Jhala Rajdhar. Brave and ambitious from an early age, Kunwar Sangram Singh saw a bitter struggle for his father’s gaddi or throne break out between the Princes. When the Royal Priest indicated that Kunwar Sangram Singh would be the next Maharana of Mewar, all hell broke loose. Kunwar Prithviraj heard the prophecy and got furious for he was the eldest son of Maharana Raimal. He physically attacked Kunwar Sangram Singh, injuring him in his eye, which eventually lost its vision.

To stem the conflict between the Princes, Maharana Raimal’s uncle Sarangdev advised the Princes to seek advice from the Priestess at Charni Devi Temple. The Priestess also indicated and affirmed the same prophecy indicating Kunwar Sangram Singh as the Maharana. Kunwar Prithviraj anger knew no bounds and, with the support of another brother Kunwar Jaimal, he tried to kill Kunwar Sangram Singh. In the family-fights that followed, Kunwar Sangram Singh was forced into exile, reaching Ajmer through Gondwana. In Ajmer, the Prince of Mewar was helped by Karmachand Panwar who helped him recover from the wounds and humiliation he had faced. These early years were traumatic for the young Prince of Mewar who knew he had a tough fight, a ‘sangram’, on his hands at every step of his life.

Mewar at the time of Sanga (1527 CE)

After the death of Maharana Raimal’s elder sons, Kunwar Prithviraj and Kunwar Jaimal, Kunwar Sangram Singh was recalled from Ajmer and anointed as the heir to the throne of Mewar.

On 24 May 1509, the prophecy made by the Royal Priest came true and Maharana Sangram Singh I assumed charge of the Kingdom of Mewar. It was the start of yet another chapter in the glorious history of Mewar. When he was crowned as the Maharana of Mewar, Delhi was being ruled by Sultan Sikander Lodhi, Gujarat by Mahmud Shah Begada and Malwa by Nassurudin Khilji. Their network and alliance was obviously dangerous for Mewar. It adversely affected the north-eastern, southern and western boundaries of Mewar.

Demonstrating his leadership at this early juncture, Maharana Sangram Singh appointed powerful nobles along these borders of Mewar. In the north-east, Karmachand Panwar was appointed ‘Rawat’ and given the responsibility of Ajmer, Parbatsar, Mandal, Phulia, Banera as Jagirs with revenue of Rs 15 lakhs. The Maharana then allied with the rulers of Sirohi in the south and Vagad in the west. He also helped Raimal for his claim on the throne of Idar and won his support. These qualities of leadership, and investing in other leaders who became his support, makes Maharana Sangram Singh an admirable leader of leaders.

Economic Situation of Mewar

Over the millennia, the region of Mewar has benefitted immensely from its geography. One could say, its geography has decisively shaped its historical growth. The Kingdom of Mewar was strategically located at the crossroads of trade and commerce, with the constant movement of people and the caravan of ideas. Through the centuries, trade and commerce routes along the Aravalli range strengthened the connection of Mewar with the northern and eastern parts of the sub-continent. Mewar was thus at a confluence of history: it was connected to Delhi in the north and Ujjain in the heart of the Indian sub-continent. Ajmer, Chittorgarh and Kumbhalgarh have been witnessing the flow of trade for all these centuries. These fort-cities contributed immensely to the growth of the economy of Mewar.

Mount Abu and Idar were also important cities as they linked Mewar to the port-cities along the coast of Gujarat. The stronger the economy, the greater was the independence and strength of the Rulers of Mewar. There was prosperity and peace during the reign of Maharana Sangram Singh. He was generous in the grants of land and jagirs to his people. Inscription at Nilkanth (Mahadev) temple at Kumbhalgarh and Dovani copper plate, describe the Maharana’s benevolence and sense of welfare towards his people. The Maharana issued copper coins which are popularly known as Sangram Shahi coins. Six types of these coins have been discovered. On one side is inscribed ‘Shri Rana Sangram Sah’ in Nagari script with the date, and, on the reverse side, ‘Sultan Bin Sultan’ is engraved in Persian.

Struggle with the Sultanates

Mewar and the Rulers of Gujarat were always neighbours at war. When Maharana Sangram Singh attempted to strengthen the boundaries of Mewar by allying with other Rulers, it invariably resulted in conflict with Gujarat. The Maharana was instrumental in influencing the coronation in Idar. The Gujarat-Mewar feud, which had been dormant since the times of Maharana Kumbha, resumed and put enormous economic and political pressure on Mewar. In 1514 CE, Maharana Sangram Singh fought a pitched battle with Sultan Muzaffar Shah. In 1520 CE, the Maharana defeated him and captured Ahmednagar. Maharana Sangram Singh soon became involved with the politics of the Malwa region.

Medani Rai, a Rajput General, made strong military and political manoeuvres and forced the Sultan of Malwa to leave Mandu. He then sought the support of Maharana Sangram Singh with a plan to attack Malwa. The plan was later shelved and Medani Rai was bestowed with the jagirs of Gagron and Chanderi. In 1515 CE, the Maharana seized the strategic fort and forest areas of Ranthambhore from the Sultan of Malwa. Maharana Sangram Singh believed in bravery and generosity with his enemies. He never forgot his ethical values on the battlefield or off it. These values have become the bedrock of Mewar. In 1519 CE, Maharana defeated Sultan Mahmud near Gagron and imprisoned him. Later the Sultan was set free and was given back half of his lands. In 1521 CE, Sultan Mahmud tried to recapture Mandsaur but he left empty-handed when the armies of Maharana Sangram Singh marched towards him. Over these years, Maharana Sangram Singh demonstrated his military leadership and political acumen, becoming an iconic figure respected across the sub-continent.

Struggle with Delhi Sultanate

In the reign of Maharana Sangram Singh, the boundaries of Mewar were further strengthened and extended because of the military strategies and farsightedness of its ruler. Sultan Sikander Lodhi could not tolerate this expansion strategy of the Maharana as Delhi and Mewar shared long borders. In 1517 CE, Sultan’s son Ibrahim Lodhi became the new Sultan and new tensions erupted between the two Kingdoms. In 1517 CE, the Maharana’s forces defeated Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi at Khatoli. In 1518 CE, the Sultan sent Miya Hussian and Miya Khan to attack Chittorgarh, however they too were defeated and repulsed by the forces of Mewar.

By defeating the Sultans of Delhi, Malwa and Gujarat, Maharana Sangram Singh’s valour and bravery reached its zenith. It reached epic proportions and the name of Maharana Sangram Singh became synonymous with valour and bravery in his own lifetime. Undoubtedly in this cusp of history, Maharana Sangram Singh was acknowledged as the ‘bravest among the braves’ and the ‘leader of leaders’ to whom all the Kings and Sultans of north India looked up to.

Mewar – Mughal struggle : Battle of Bayana

Babur now emerged on the stage of history as he crossed the Khyber Pass once again. When the young Mughal defeated Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi, he annexed Delhi. It marked the beginning of the end of the Lodhi era. There was only one Ruler in the entire north who could challenge Babur and that was Maharana Sangram Singh. The growing military might and influence of the Mughals brought together all the Hindu Rulers under the banner of Mewar. Maharana Sangram Singh became their undisputed leader who had won their respect over the years. When the Maharana analysed the situation, he began enhancing military strategies. He captured the fort at Kandar (near Ranthambore) from Hasan who allied with him. Bayana (or the Bharatpur state) was under the Maharana’s rule. Militarily and politically, this was a very strategic location. It was a jagir given to Niyam Khan. Babur now set about capturing this jagir of Bayana. He sent Jaradi Beg and Kuch Beg, two of his nobles, to occupy it. With the help of Niyam Khan’s brother Alam Khan, Babur was able to annex Bayana. In retaliation, Maharana Sangram Singh again attacked and captured Kandar. Then the forces of Mewar captured Bayana. When Babur came to know that the Maharana had reached Basavar (10 miles away from Bayana), he sent his commander Abdul Aziz to Khanwa. The Maharana’s forces attacked him as well. Babur sent more of his military troops under the charge of Muhib Ali Khalifa and Mulla Hussian to help Abdul Aziz. But they were no match for the brave army of Mewar. The Rajput soldiers and commanders fought bravely and captured Babur’s flag, Ran Kankan, musical instruments (like vankiya, a long brass wind instrument, kettle drum, cymbals and ‘dhapli’ a small drum like instruments), and even his ‘red command’ tent. The Mughal forces had been routed and humiliated like never before. In the Battle of Bayana, Mulla Nyamat, Mulla Dawood and other Mughal generals were either killed or imprisoned. The Rajputs defeated the Mughal army and chased them for miles, adding more insult to the defeated forces of Babur.

Battle of Khanwa

After the humiliating defeat of the Mughal army in the Battle of Bayana, Babur had to work very hard to keep up the spirit of his soldiers. He led by example; swearing not to consume liquor and adopting an austere lifestyle. He donated for the poor the entire gold and silver cutlery in his palatial abode. He cut short his beard and evoked his soldiers through religious sentiments and preaching’s. On 13 March 1527 CE, Babur himself led the Mughal army to Khanwa. He supervised the battlefield and began planning for the battle. Maharana Sangram Singh’s confederacies of armies were also prepared for battle. They moved ahead under the flag and insignia of Mewar. On 17 March 1527 CE, the battle commenced at Panipat.

In the heat of the battle, the Maharana was struck by an arrow and he fell unconscious. The Mewar commanders and Sardars lowered the injured Maharana into a palanquin and were forced to leave the battlefield. It was the valiant commander Jhala Ajja who assumed charge of the Maharana’s elephant with the emblems and insignia of Mewar and continued the battle. His bravery and valour urged the soldiers to keep on fighting the enemy. It was Babur’s cannons and artillery which made the difference. The Rajput armies found themselves circled and defeated. To commemorate his victory, Babur erected a victory tower with the heads of the Rajput soldiers. He called it the ‘Fateh-Minar’. He knew he had been victorious against the bravest of the braves. Many Rajput and Hindu Kings and nobles fought under the banner of Maharana Sangram Singh against the Mughals. It was truly a confederacy of the bravest of the braves.


From the battlefield of Khanwa, the Rajput commanders and Sardars carried the injured Maharana Sangram Singh to safety in nearby Baswa. When he regained consciousness, the Maharana was informed about his serious injury and the victory of the Mughal Army led by Babur. Even in the state of pain and semi-consciousness, the Maharana was angry and exhorted his commanders to once again prepare for war. Maharana Sangram Singh was not ready to give up the battle even though everything seemed to have been lost and he was badly injured. Maharana Sangram Singh, as it is recounted in innumerable stories and fables, vowed that he would never return to Chittorgarh till he had avenged this defeat at the hands of Babur and his army. He then left Baswa and moved camp towards Chanderi, finally camping at Kalpi at a village called Irchi. The Maharana succumbed here to his wounds.

His demise was due to poisoning; whether it was from his innumerable wounds he had suffered or those commanders who were against him, it can never be truly known. On 30th January 1528, ‘The Light of Hindus’ as the great Maharana Sangram Singh was known as, passed into history. It was truly an end of an era not just in Mewar but in the entire sub-continent. The Battle of Khanwa had decided the course of history of the sub-continent. The name of Maharana Sangram Singh I will always be written in letters of gold as long as history books are written and these facts of history are recalled in Mewar, Rajasthan and across India.

Arogya Health Care’s luxurious massage chairs promises stress free life

In a first, Arogya Health Care, the most prestigious brand of ARG HEALTH CARE, dealing in CE Certified Personal Health Care products, has launched a wide range of Automatic Luxury Massage Chairs coupled with Leg and Foot Massagers in India which also plays an important role during recovery from covid-19, providing relaxation to patients who have to go through immense weakness and body-ache even months after they have tested negative for Covid-19. Automatic Luxury Massage Chairs launched by Arogya Health Care revolutionises the massaging mechanism with 3D massage, Infrared Heating, Bluetooth Function and Built-in Control panel which altogether present a complex technological solution for several direct health benefits such as reduced anxiety and stress with increased blood flow that boosts energy. 

These Automatic Luxury Massage Chairs by Arogya Health Care are also equipped with a curved rail mechanism for S and L-shaped massage. The L-shaped massage moves from the base of the head along the spine, passes through the waist and buttocks and ends at the base of the thighs. While the S-shaped massage runs horizontally across the width of the back, intelligent mechanical arms run around the neck, shoulders, back and waist, moving 360 degree clockwise or counterclockwise.  Hence these massage chairs offer complete massaging solution allowing easy access to the head, shoulders and back of the massage recipient even while working on any important assignment or when busy in attending some essential tasks.

Announcing the ambitious launch of its exclusive product range, Mr. Jitesh Manchanda, Managing Director, Arogya Health Care said, “Committed to make in India drive, we strive to provide our valued customers with products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations. We aim to bring leading-edge solutions in healthcare segment for our valued customers. Our Automatic Luxury Massage Chairs and Leg and Foot Massagers are meant to maximize relaxation and are designed to address even severe tension or pain in the muscles.”

These Automatic Massage Chairs and Leg and Foot Massagers are loaded with excellent features such as a full-featured LCD Display remote control offering 10 automatic programs and a built-in control panel located for convenience on the right side of the chair on the arm massage section. Interestingly when set in Zero Gravity mode, the angle between the body and the legs is approximately 127degrees, which leads to a state of weightlessness and makes the massage deeper, as the body relaxes with all its weight on the massage mechanism.

Equipped with an intelligent 3D massage system, these Automatic Massage Chairs and Leg and Foot Massagers combine professional massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, shiatsu massage, stretching, air compression, roller massage, and thermal massage to achieve multidimensional massage in width, length and depth of the body. The 10 automatic massage programs have different intensities and are focused on Airbags and the remote control can be used to adjust the air pressure.  

Moreover, the customers can also conveniently use the Bluetooth function of these massage chairs to play music, radio, TV or audio lessons through the built-in speakers located on both sides of the cushion on the top of the chairs. These chairs can be connected directly to the built-in speakers via phone, tablet, laptop or other mobile device that offers Bluetooth connectivity. 

Priced competitively, Automatic Luxury Massage Chairs and Leg and Foot Massagers are available on as well as on leading e-commerce portals like amazon, flipkart and Indiamart, among others.

Vigor Media Worldwide India office bags PR mandate for Nicholas Healthcare

Vigor Media Worldwide has bagged the PR mandate of Nicholas Healthcare Limited. The contract comes as another acknowledgement of the distinctive PR and communications approach of Vigor Media Worldwide. The role of Vigor Media Worldwide will be to build a strategic communication framework for Nicholas Healthcare and strengthen its indomitable leadership positioning in the Healthcare industry.

Vigor Media Worldwide won the prestigious account after an aggressive multi-agency pitch followed by a competitive bidding process. The mandate for Nicholas Healthcare will be handled by the Delhi-NCR office of Vigor Media Worldwide with the support from its proficient and dedicated team along with its dextrous national and global associates for greater visibility and strong positioning of Nicholas Healthcare among targeted segments. 

Mr Kapil Jain, Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Healthcare said, “We maintain a holistic approach towards health restoration and in our relentless effort of business expansion to reach our clients (Hospitals) across India, we have chartered a strategic brand positioning plan. In this journey of building “Nicholas” brand and to set new milestones for us, we are happy to welcome on board Vigor Media Worldwide, whose proposed communication strategy is in sync with our objectives. I am confident that they will assist us to establish a focused communication approach with all our stakeholders (Hospitals & Channel Partners).” 

Commenting on winning the PR mandate of Nicholas Healthcare, Mr Nilanjan Chakrobarty, CEO, Vigor Media Worldwide said, “We are elated to have been considered by Nicholas Healthcare to be their image consultant after a critical assessment and we pledge to assist them on their journey towards achieving business excellence. We stand committed to our virtues of transparency, proactivity and result oriented approach to meet and deliver their key expectations of business growth.”

Nicholas Healthcare is a pioneer of the global healthcare ecosystem enabling accessibility to medicines and medical consumables / equipment from across the globe. Their focus is to bring new technologies and products in India to help doctors and hospitals to provide excellent cure at affordable price. As a philosophy to bring the best products and provide focussed customer care services, Nicholas follows stringent quality control monitoring and dedicated customer care centre. 

Vigor Media Worldwide has cross-sectoral expertise spanning across Real Estate, Education, Lifestyle, FMCG, Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Security, Consulting and a host of other sectors of the economy. Its client portfolio includes top-of-the-line brands in the industry with recurring association across years.

Danube Home-Dubai pledges to donate 10% of its profits towards COVID relief in India

Danube Home, a part of Dubai-based multi-billion dollar diversified Danube Group, will donate 10% of its profits from its sales for the month of May for COVID humanitarian aid in India.

Danube Group, a Dubai-based multi-billion dollar diversified business conglomerate, has risen up to contribute towards COVID relief efforts in India. Danube has announced to donate 10% of its group company Danube Home’s Dubai profits from its sales for the month of May which run into crores to mitigate COVID pains in India. The relief initiative will be handled by Danube Home Foundation, through which customers too will be urged to contribute towards this noble cause.

Danube Home will primarily be donating to oxygen provider agencies as well as the NGOs in Mumbai, the city from where the company’s Chairman Mr. Rizwan Sajan hails. To begin with, Danube Home has already decided to donate to three institutions based in Mumbai which include Popular Front of Maharashtra, Rotary India and Kalsekar Hospital. Further, Danube Home is also looking to donate to NGOs across India engaged in COVID relief operations.

Making the announcement, Mr. Adel Sajan, Group Managing Director- Danube Group said, “Given the severity of the devastating pandemic situation in India, it’s our utmost responsibility to make efforts towards helping the needy and the sufferers across India. Since its inception, Danube Group has stood strong with the people of India to make a positive difference in the society. If we look at the nationwide fight against COVID-19, it is very much required for all organizations to come forward in every possible way to ensure that our citizens have seamless access to the healthcare services, oxygen and other necessary requirements which can save precious lives.”

Danube Home – the Home Interior Retail arm of Danube Group – has showrooms in several strategic locations across the UAE. The stores are located in Al Barsha, Fujairah, Jimi Mall, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, and Abu Dhabi. Apart from the UAE, Danube Home has seven showrooms in Oman, one showroom in Bahrain, and one in India. A one-stop retail destination for the complete home with over 50,000 individual products, Danube Home has multiple stores in the UAE, Oman and Bahrain. The company is acknowledged as the UAE’s leading home interior solutions brand and has its largest flagship store located at Sheikh Zayed Road.page1image4985776page1image4985552page2image3003424page2image3004320

Danube Home provides customized solutions across its iconic categories – Living: Sofas, Bedrooms, Chandeliers, Home decorations, Dinner ware, Glassware, Bedding, Fragrances; Sanitary: Shattafs, Mixers, Bathroom accessories, Massage bathtubs, Saunas; Tiles: Outdoor Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Indoor Tiles and specialized wall tiles, marble, granite etc; Garden & Outdoor- Balcony sets, Rattan furniture, Gazebos, Swings, Kids play range. Furthermore, customized kitchens, electrical and hardware products etc. complete the range at Danube Home.

Danube Home has been revolutionary about their fight with COVID at organizational level where 100% of their employees are now vaccinated and work from the office, in a safe environment. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic has continued across the globe and the companies are facing weakened business sentiments, Danube did not do salary cuts last year. Even it has made sure that all their employees were given back the 30% of their salaries which was deducted earlier during the peak of the pandemic when there was complete disruption in workplace operations amidst widespread economic uncertainty.

एल्डेको बिल्डर की मनमानी से परेशान एल्डेको आमंत्रण के निवासी मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ से लगाएंगे गुहार, करेंगे विरोध प्रदर्शन

कोरोना काल में जब लोग आर्थिक संकट से जूझ रहे हैं और ज्यादातर बिल्डर अपना मेंटेनेंस चार्ज कम करके अपने रेजिडेंट्स का बोझ कम करने की कवायद में जुटे हुए हैं, बिल्डर एल्डेको इन्फ्रास्ट्रक्चर नोएडा सेक्टर-119 स्थित सोसाईटी एल्डेको आमंत्रण में मेंटेनेंस चार्ज बढ़ा रहा है। इतना ही नहीं, एल्डेको बिना काम को पूरा किए हुए ही हैंडोवर देकर पिछले दरवाजे से बाहर निकलने की फिराक में है।

गौरतलब हे कि एल्डेको आमंत्रण के निवासी अपार्टमेंट ओनर्स एसोसिएशन (एओए) के बैनर तले “से नो टू एल्डेको” कैंपेन चला रहे हैं और सैंकड़ों की संख्या में सड़क पर उतर कर बिल्डर के खिलाफ विरोध प्रदर्शन करने की तैयारी में हैं। एल्डेको एओए के अध्यक्ष रौनी दत्ता ने बताया, “कोविड-19 महामारी के इस बुरे वक्त में बिल्डर एल्डेको आमंत्रण का काम अधूरा छोड़ते हुए जबरदस्ती हैंडओवर देकर आर डब्ल्यू ए को सौंपने की धमकी दे रहा है और साथ ही मेंटेनेंस चार्ज बढ़ा रहा है जिससे सोसाइटी के निवासियों में गहरा रोष है। इसी वजह से हम ‘से नो टू एल्डेको’ कैंपेन चला रहे हैं और हमें उम्मीद है कि सोशल मीडिया और विरोध प्रदर्शन के द्वारा हमारी आवाज बुलंद होगी और एल्डेको बिल्डर अपनी मनमानी से वक्त बाज आ जाएगा। हम सभी निवासी एल्डेको बिल्डर से परेशान हो चुके हैं और जरूरत पड़ी तो मुख्यमंत्री श्री योगी आदित्यनाथ से भी हम गुहार लगाएंगे।”

मीडिया से जुड़े हुए एल्डेको आमंत्रण निवासी निखिल सिंघल ने कहा, “मैं एल्डेको आमंत्रण के निवासियों के दुख-तकलीफों से भरी इस आवाज को और मुखर बनाने में पूरा सहयोग करूंगा। महामारी के इस दौर में एल्डेको को रेजिडेंट्स का सहयोग करना चाहिए। उसे यह याद रखना चाहिए कि ये वही लोग हैं जिन्होंने अपना प्यार और भरोसा देकर एल्डेको को इतना बड़ा ब्रांड बनने में मदद की है और आज यही एल्डेको बिल्डर निवासियों के साथ ऐसा सलूक कर रहा है जो निश्चित रूप से निंदनीय है। सोसाईटी के बहुत से लोग आज आंदोलन करने की तैयारी कर रहे हैं और कठिन प्रयासों के बावजूद उनको समझाना मुश्किल हो रहा है। हमारे लिए एक और चिंता का विषय है कि ऐसे में आंदोलन होने पर सोशल डिस्टेंसिंग का पालन कराना भी कठिन हो जाएगा ऐसे में एल्डेको द्वारा लिए गए इस निर्णय को तुरंत प्रभाव से वापस लेना बेहद जरूरी है जिससे इस मामले को जन-आक्रोश में बदलने से रोका जा सके।”

लोगों का कहना है कि एल्डेको बिल्डर वर्षों से कमाई अपनी साख को ताक पर रहकर इस तरह का गैरजिम्मेदाराना रवैया इख्तेयार कर रहा है और कोरोना के इस वक्त में बिल्डर को मेंटेनेंस चार्ज कम करना चाहिए और कोई भी ऐसा कदम नहीं उठाना चाहिए जिससे निवासियों को मिलने वाली मूलभूत सुविधाओं मे कोई रूकावट आए। एल्डेको से त्रस्त ये खौफजदा लोग सड़क पर उतरकर विरोध प्रदर्शन के साथ ही सोशल मीडिया कैंपेन चलाते हुए डिएम, स्थानिय प्रशासन एवं मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ से  भी इस बाबत शिकायत करेंगे।

Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar launches book ‘Hasthyayurveda’

Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, Chairman and Managing Trustee,
Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur released the book titled
‘Hasthyayurveda’ composed by Palkapya Muni transcripted from Sanskrit to Hindi
language by Dr. (Smt.) Madhubala Jain, the profound scholar and Sanskrit Panditya
from Udaipur.

Ayurveda is not only the oldest medical system of the world adopted in Indian society
since centuries, but it is also the science of life. Rishis and Sages have always made
the living welfare work ‘karma’ as a duty towards mankind ‘dharma’ and presented it to
the society. The sages invented the science and knowledge keeping in mind the
interests of environment, vegetation and the entire world with not just limiting to Human
life. In order to eradicate incurable diseases from their roots, Animal Ayurveda texts
were also produced in the same way as Human-Ayurveda. These included
Gavayurveda by Sahadeva, Ashwayurveda by Shalihotra, Hasthyayurveda and Gaja
Shastra composed by Palkapya Muni, a contemporary of King Dasharatha in Tretayuga.

Both of these books of Palkapya Muni are the oldest texts in Hasti-Vigyaan.
Hasthyayurveda is written in both prose and verse form. This entire book is written in a
style of conversation. This book describes the detailed guidelines of the origin of
elephants, the disorders caused in them, causes of disorders, symptoms of disorders,
nature of disease, method of treatment, process of making medicines, age of elephants,
medicine uses based on nature and climate etc. Hasthyayurveda is the physiology of
elephants. There are a total of four sections in this entire book, out of which describes a
total of 160 chapters and 315 diseases occurring in the body of elephants in about 12
thousand verses (Shlokas).

Maharaj Sahib Shri Bagh Singh Ji Karjali organised writing of this manuscript of
Palkapya Rishi titled ‘Hasthyayurveda’ in the Vikram Samwat 1811 (1754 CE). This
book is published by Maharana Mewar Historical Publications Trust, The City Palace,
Udaipur. The Line sketch pictures related to medical and examination of elephants are
also shown in this book.