OSRAM gets ready for the show again with its XBO Cinema Lamps and HMI Studio lamps

As the country is now in the unlock phase, with the resumption of major activities, multiplex theatres and film shootings are also all set to be operational now. With this, OSRAM, the century- old German Lighting Legend is all set for a re-take with XBO® lights for digital projectors in multiplex theatres and HMI® lights for Film/TV/OTT shooting.

While the new digital cinema projectors and large screens require a high light output, OSRAM´s XBO cinema lamps rise to the challenge with a level of luminance that guarantees brilliant, high-resolution images. For the past 60 years, the OSRAM XBO lamps have delighted audiences worldwide and transformed the visit in the cinema into an experience to remember. Even as the age of digital cinema has placed huge demands on projection technology, the OSRAM XBO cinema lamps stay one step ahead the demands with continuous improvements and upgrades. OSRAM offers a range of technically-advanced XBO cinema lamps customized for projectors by BARCO, Christie, NEC and Sony.

Mr. Avinder Singh, CEO- OSRAM Lighting Pvt Ltd India said, “In the light of current global scenario, the overall pie for entertainment may increase, even though shares of different formats might change. With the new govt. directives for multiplexes and shooting studios, we can expect a dawn after a long night for all associate industries, where XBO Cinema lamps and HMI Studio Lamps are also part of it. As always, OSRAM remains committed to deliver world-class quality to its valued customers in all its products segments even in post-COVID era.”

Watching a movie in a theatre is therapeutic and concentrated viewing. To dress up and go to the cinema and laugh with others – cannot be imagined in other platforms. OSRAM, inventor of HMI lights has been producing high quality studio lamps for over 50 years with exciting new innovations and this lighting plays a major role in creating those unforgettable moments in movies/OTT/TV productions. 

HMI DIGITAL’s line of single-ended metal halide lamps offers extremely bright light (of up to 100 lumens per watt), a color temperature that approximates daylight (6000 K), and a high colour rendering index (> 90). Whether using analog or digital film, OSRAM’s HMI DIGITAL line has a lamp for your production. With single-ended metal halide lamps ranging from 200 W to 18000 W, HMI DIGITAL is suited for entertainment applications from film sets to theater stages.

HMI STUDIO lamps shine twice brighter than a tungsten halogen lamp with a similar wattage. These metal halide lamps provide a natural-looking light and reveal a set’s true colors with a high CRI of more than 90. With the patented doped UV-Stop quartz outer jacket, these lamps reduce the harmful UVB and UVC emissions by 99.9%. Compared to a traditional studio lighting setup with multiple tungsten halogen and metal halide lamp fixtures, using HMI STUDIO in daylight fixtures makes separate halogen fixtures redundant. When paired with fixtures, HMI STUDIO lamps deliver a warm tungsten color temperature. Film and TV productions can save time and become more cost-effective, while benefiting from two times the brightness (compared to tungsten halogen lamps of a similar wattage).