Organic way to manage stress

By Mr. Ajay Prakash Mishra “Coach APM”

Does stress impair your immune system or rather enhance it to work better? What actually happens when you feel stressed, do you start working harder or become anxious, sad or depressed? 

Mr. Ajay Prakash Mishra “Coach APM”

Stress really lies at the heart of whether or not our internal experience is matched to our external experience i.e., the events that are happening to us and around us. The ability to control our internal real estate i.e., nervous system that includes the brain and body, also how that nervous system interacts with the outside world determine our response to stress.  

If you understand the evolution of humans on earth, you know that we humans evolved from a stage where the whole focus was on survival, to safeguard from famine then to various other stages.  The system that governs what we call stress is generic not meant to handle one type of situation only. It’s good news as that gives us power to put a break on stress whenever we want. 

To understand the control mechanism for stress we need to first distinguish between stressors which are the things that stress us out and stress which is the psychological and physiological response to stressors. 

For typical workplace related stress, the stressors could be excessive workloads, unclear performance expectations, no control or say on decision-making & lack of peer comradeship etc. If employee doesn’t take steps to mauver through these stressors, he/she ends up feeling stressed. 

The very first step to manage stress is to Track Your Stressors. You need to take a note of talks, person or even physical set-up which create stress for you. Also, note your response corresponding to those stressors i.e., your feeling, thoughts and physical reactions once you face those stressors. Observe your responses closely. 

Create Thoughtful Responses against the stressors is the next step. If you know some of the tactics like not accessing digital channels of communication for a few hours and focus on work only, or going for walk, talking to family on some pleasant topics etc. gives you relief, do that. Or else the best technique is to give a break to yourself and focus on the base of life i.e., breathing.  Get involved in the thoughtful exhale and inhale for a few mins. 

When you get some challenging assignments or you get a tough boss or not so supportive peers, give yourself a pep-talk and Take Ownership. Take ownership of your actions.  Believe in playing your role in life just like the Sun, wind and rain.  They probably don’t expect any response from the receivers, they just do what they have to do. 

These actions will help you to ground better when you feel like life is weighing on you or you are kind of being pulled by the currents of life.  It’s good to remember that life doesn’t judge it simply teaches by consequences. Inaction leads no-where.

Live a thoughtful, peaceful and action-oriented life.  The process of life is the interaction between its outer and inner worlds. Outer world is of people, things and situations. The inner world is of mind, intellect and memory.  Ability to manage stress is dependent upon how beautifully you can find a balance between the outer world and the inner world.  Whenever you feel shattered because of the stress monster, instead of doing your best to keep this monster at bay, invite it for tea and observe it. Track the stressors, create thoughtful responses and take ownership. 

The Other Side Of The Lockdown

Today most of the world population is staying home but thanks to the power of the digital medium, the Netizens are connected to each other and the news as and when it breaks in any part of the globe.

In India, while the working class is freely accessing web channels and various social media platforms while working from home without restrictions imposed by organisations, the students are busy attending online classes or training but they too tend to switch to their social media accounts be it FB, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, etc during the frequent intervals of their screen time.

Capitalising the power of the World Wide Web and the social media, digital marketers consider the lockdown period as the best opportunity to attract the maximum eyeballs and run various campaigns to enhance the reach of their brands.

All brands and corporates are finding it worthwhile to invest their money in marketing activities. In fact, this is the time when RoI is the highest be it any platform of media (traditional or digital) as websites and digital editions of print publications are being read widely. News channels are recording the highest TRP and web portals are seeing highest number of visitor engagements as never before.

Organisations that are able to utilise this time for strategic, sharp and focused marketing activities will witness top-of-the-mind brand awareness and recall when the lockdown period is over and markets are open for customers online and offline. It will help the companies who invested in digital media marketing compensate the losses borne during this lockdown period.  Hence this is the best time in probably last several decades when the impact of social media marketing initiatives could be encashed the maximum.

At this challenging time, the famous saying of the American Author Napoleon Hill that “every adversity contains, at the same time, a seed of equivalent opportunity”, has become incredibly relevant for Social media marketing. In the current scenario, no brand across the spectrum can ignore the power of Digital or Social Marketing which has already witnessed a huge boom in the last couple of years. Especially with no newspaper being delivered and outdoor marketing has also lost its sheen in the lockdown, social media has the power to grab the maximum eyeballs.


(The author of the article is Mr Nikhil Singhal, Founder, Vigor Media Worldwide)