Nicholas Healthcare Announces to Augment Supply of Critical Care Medicines Amid Surge in COVID-19 Cases

Nicholas Healthcare Limited, a pioneer of the global healthcare ecosystem, announces to have augmented its supply of critical care medicines, medical consumables, and lifesaving medical equipment/devices like Medical Oxygen Concentrator amid an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 case in the country when HCPs are continuously grappling with the shortage of these essential medical essentials to provide timely treatment to patients.

The company is already supplying more than 5 million pre-filled syringes and prepares to deliver additional 5 million syringes for filling most critical medicine such as Enoxaparin injection which is used as blood thinner to prevent blood clots. Nicholas has also ramped up its supply chain to dispense the increased quantity of many other critical medicines such as Methyl Prednisolone inj, Heparin inj, Meropenem inj, Favipiravir tabs, & other immunity boosters etc.

Amid the acute shortage of medical oxygen for critical treatment of COVID patients, Nicholas has been proactive in timely delivery of more than 2500 oxygen concentrators to various hospitals. The company is now prepared to deliver additional 5000 oxygen concentrators in next 2/3 weeks. Moreover, approx. 4.80 lakhs boxes of global quality surgical and non-surgical gloves are also supplied in this pandemic.

Commenting on the need of increased supply of these medical consumables and drugs, Mr. Kapil Jain, Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Healthcare shared, “Being a part of global healthcare ecosystem, we understand our responsibility of development, manufacturing, and delivery of prescription drugs to ensure that we deliver on our commitment of healthier India. In this pandemic, it is important for us to quickly bridge the gap in demand and supply of crucial medicines, equipments etc. help HCPs to save lives. Making healthcare accessible to all has always been our priority and with wide distribution network across India.”

Nicholas Healthcare is present in more than 150 cities covering 5000+ medical institutions. This coverage will be tripled in next one year. 

Arogya Health Care’s luxurious massage chairs promises stress free life

In a first, Arogya Health Care, the most prestigious brand of ARG HEALTH CARE, dealing in CE Certified Personal Health Care products, has launched a wide range of Automatic Luxury Massage Chairs coupled with Leg and Foot Massagers in India which also plays an important role during recovery from covid-19, providing relaxation to patients who have to go through immense weakness and body-ache even months after they have tested negative for Covid-19. Automatic Luxury Massage Chairs launched by Arogya Health Care revolutionises the massaging mechanism with 3D massage, Infrared Heating, Bluetooth Function and Built-in Control panel which altogether present a complex technological solution for several direct health benefits such as reduced anxiety and stress with increased blood flow that boosts energy. 

These Automatic Luxury Massage Chairs by Arogya Health Care are also equipped with a curved rail mechanism for S and L-shaped massage. The L-shaped massage moves from the base of the head along the spine, passes through the waist and buttocks and ends at the base of the thighs. While the S-shaped massage runs horizontally across the width of the back, intelligent mechanical arms run around the neck, shoulders, back and waist, moving 360 degree clockwise or counterclockwise.  Hence these massage chairs offer complete massaging solution allowing easy access to the head, shoulders and back of the massage recipient even while working on any important assignment or when busy in attending some essential tasks.

Announcing the ambitious launch of its exclusive product range, Mr. Jitesh Manchanda, Managing Director, Arogya Health Care said, “Committed to make in India drive, we strive to provide our valued customers with products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations. We aim to bring leading-edge solutions in healthcare segment for our valued customers. Our Automatic Luxury Massage Chairs and Leg and Foot Massagers are meant to maximize relaxation and are designed to address even severe tension or pain in the muscles.”

These Automatic Massage Chairs and Leg and Foot Massagers are loaded with excellent features such as a full-featured LCD Display remote control offering 10 automatic programs and a built-in control panel located for convenience on the right side of the chair on the arm massage section. Interestingly when set in Zero Gravity mode, the angle between the body and the legs is approximately 127degrees, which leads to a state of weightlessness and makes the massage deeper, as the body relaxes with all its weight on the massage mechanism.

Equipped with an intelligent 3D massage system, these Automatic Massage Chairs and Leg and Foot Massagers combine professional massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, shiatsu massage, stretching, air compression, roller massage, and thermal massage to achieve multidimensional massage in width, length and depth of the body. The 10 automatic massage programs have different intensities and are focused on Airbags and the remote control can be used to adjust the air pressure.  

Moreover, the customers can also conveniently use the Bluetooth function of these massage chairs to play music, radio, TV or audio lessons through the built-in speakers located on both sides of the cushion on the top of the chairs. These chairs can be connected directly to the built-in speakers via phone, tablet, laptop or other mobile device that offers Bluetooth connectivity. 

Priced competitively, Automatic Luxury Massage Chairs and Leg and Foot Massagers are available on as well as on leading e-commerce portals like amazon, flipkart and Indiamart, among others.

Ramagya Foundation pledges to not leave anyone hungry during COVID-19

In one of the biggest relief operations amid COVID- 19 lockdown, Ramagya Foundation has dedicated itself to feeding more than 10 lakh poor and homeless people in Noida. Ramagya Foundation has already distributed food packets among 2 lakh people in the last more than two months of the continuing lockdown.

Ramagya Foundation initially started this initiative along the construction sites in sector 77-78 and later extended it to other nearby localities.  Along with the food packets, the volunteers of Ramagya Foundation are also distributing masks, sanitizers and soaps among the daily wagers, labourers and other needy people, besides running a campaign to educate them about adopting the necessary hygiene habits to stop the spread of infection. Ramagya Foundation has also launched a donation web portal: through which anyone can contribute one’s bit to support this noble initiative.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group said, “The prolonged lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the lives of millions of people in disarray. As a responsible organisation, we aim to ensure that no person should sleep with an empty stomach at this unprecedented time. We look forward to serving food to more than 10 lakh people in the entire period of the lockdown, and this is just a small step in our efforts towards bringing smile on the faces of these helpless people.”

Recently, Ramagya Foundation, under the aegis of “Purusharth Charitable Society”, had launched an inspiring CSR initiative ‘Happy Fridge’ aimed at providing sumptuous food to homeless and needy people. In the progressive path of society development Ramagya Foundation is contributing through several attractive programs,  including  UMEED,  UNNATI,  SANGANAK,  ARADHYA,  URJA  and PANKH focusing on four  core  areas  including  Education,  Skilling,  Physical  and  Mental Health of underprivileged children. 

Giving back to the society is the primary motive of Ramagya Foundation which aims to contribute towards creating educated and developed society by unleashing talent and sculpting each individual soul by imparting values. More than 1,05,000 lives have been impacted through these programs. Ramagya Foundation also runs another most commendable initiative called  ‘NISHABD’  that seeks to sensitize the society towards dogs and  provide  loving,  caring  and  responsible shelter for them. NISHABD has been instrumental in the rescue and rehabilitation of the street dogs that have been starved to emaciation, beaten, confined   in their own waste, shot, or struck by cars.

Vanesa Care enters healthcare sector with launch of Hand Sanitizer and Hand Cleanser

Vanesa Care Private Ltd, one of the prominent FMCG brands, has unveiled “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser containing 70% alcohol as per WHO standards. “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser quickly kills 99.99% germs causing flu and other infectious diseases. “Hand In Hand” is suitable for frequent use with no damaging effect on skin owing to its moisturising properties backed by Aloe Vera extracts that helps seal moisture into the skin. 

With 70% alcohol base, “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser is as per the standards of WHO and also ensures very good protection against the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus. Moreover, Vanesa Care has prioritised the production of “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser to meet the acute shortage of hygiene-based products and to help prevent the rapid spread of infection. 

Saurabh Gupta, Director
Vanesa Care Private Ltd

Mr Saurabh Gupta, Director,  Vanesa Care Private Ltd said, Sensing the huge gap in demand and supply of hand sanitizers and instant hand cleanser which has put the entire population on huge risk, we have launched “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser that offers best protection against infectious germs. In this critical time when the healthcare systems across the world have been overwhelmed by Coronavirus, it is essential to maintain proper hand hygiene to prevent the transmission of infection and this sanitizer makes you stay protected even on the go that too without using soap and water.”

“Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser offers protection while using public toilets, eating outside, or travelling through public transport and when coming from the outside that too without using soap and water. It is also recommended to use “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser before and after buying groceries from supermarket, grocery store and vegetables vendors and after accepting cash, coins and card payment from the vendors.

Available all across the county, “Hand In hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser range comes in 3 SKUs, priced at Rs. 250 for 500ml, Rs. 125 for 250ml, Rs. 50 for 100ml.