Striving to save the community

Even the world’s largest economies cannot afford to remain in lockdown forever. Hence after the continued lockdown of more than two months, finally India has decided to gradually open up its economy. With this have emerged even the larger challenges like how to protect yourself and others against coronavirus infection while continuing with your daily livelihood needs and uninterrupted business schedules.

Anondita copyWhile the government has allowed businesses to resume their operations though under strict guidelines, it’s only ‘we’ who are responsible for our own health and safety. Following COVID-19 protocols in the workplace and everywhere is an urgent necessity to prevent this highly infectious disease. For this, we require to follow all government guidelines on a regular basis.

Moreover, we are already on the verge of community spread of COVID-19, hence all of us should be extra cautious about taking all preventive measures such as maintaining a safe distance from everyone, washing hands often, using sanitizers, wearing a face mask and putting on gloves to prevent contamination.

Among all these, masks and gloves are among the most essential items. However, currently there is massive shortage of them given the vast population of the country. The situation is so grim that recently a group of doctors from one of India’s premier medical institutions had openly raised their voice against the shortage of masks and gloves by stating, “Not just claps, give us personal protective gear.” It’s more painful to know that healthcare workers have not been provided with adequate safeguards, exposing them to grave risks.

In such a scenario it is the moral responsibility of all the corporates to come forward and ensure their contribution in the fight against COVID-19 by manufacturing these vital items in abundance. The government alone cannot fulfil the requirement since masks and gloves are in short supply everywhere around the globe. The only way out is to establish more and more manufacturing units to ensure speedy supply of high-quality masks and gloves not only for the general public, but also for our corona warriors which include doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, besides police and paramilitary forces.

Without securing supply chains of these items, we cannot even think of winning this long continuing battle against this pandemic. The government on its part should also find out ways to encourage companies from inside and outside the medical industry to help plug the face masks and gloves requirement gap. Here another larger responsibility falls on respective authorities to keep a check on unauthorised and low quality supply.

On our part, at Anondita Healthcare, we are doing as much as we can to fill the gaps in the supply of protective gear. In view of the fast growing requirement, we have doubled the production of surgical gloves at our manufacturing facilities. Our employees are working in double shifts to contribute in the noble mission so that our corona warriors should not suffer from the paucity of safety equipment. Our production units are running day and night to produce surgical gloves. As a socially responsible firm, we understand that we have the responsibility to support our communities in the best possible way.


(The author of this article is Mr. Anupam Ghosh, Director, Anondita Healthcare)

Vanesa Care enters healthcare sector with launch of Hand Sanitizer and Hand Cleanser

Vanesa Care Private Ltd, one of the prominent FMCG brands, has unveiled “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser containing 70% alcohol as per WHO standards. “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser quickly kills 99.99% germs causing flu and other infectious diseases. “Hand In Hand” is suitable for frequent use with no damaging effect on skin owing to its moisturising properties backed by Aloe Vera extracts that helps seal moisture into the skin. 

With 70% alcohol base, “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser is as per the standards of WHO and also ensures very good protection against the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus. Moreover, Vanesa Care has prioritised the production of “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser to meet the acute shortage of hygiene-based products and to help prevent the rapid spread of infection. 

Saurabh Gupta, Director
Vanesa Care Private Ltd

Mr Saurabh Gupta, Director,  Vanesa Care Private Ltd said, Sensing the huge gap in demand and supply of hand sanitizers and instant hand cleanser which has put the entire population on huge risk, we have launched “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser that offers best protection against infectious germs. In this critical time when the healthcare systems across the world have been overwhelmed by Coronavirus, it is essential to maintain proper hand hygiene to prevent the transmission of infection and this sanitizer makes you stay protected even on the go that too without using soap and water.”

“Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser offers protection while using public toilets, eating outside, or travelling through public transport and when coming from the outside that too without using soap and water. It is also recommended to use “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser before and after buying groceries from supermarket, grocery store and vegetables vendors and after accepting cash, coins and card payment from the vendors.

Available all across the county, “Hand In hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser range comes in 3 SKUs, priced at Rs. 250 for 500ml, Rs. 125 for 250ml, Rs. 50 for 100ml.